Monday, March 30, 2009

Sewing Patterns

I like to sew.

I'm not particularly great at it, but I enjoy doing it and I enjoy the results. Still, I most certainly still need patterns for a lot of things. Not only do they make the act of the sewing a lot quicker, they make the garment turn out better. Sure, sometimes I can still whip something out using a piece of clothing as a guide, but with patterns, it's kind of a no-brainer.

The thing is, patterns for simple things that I could figure out if I try always seem like such a huge expense. Call me cheap, cuz I am, but the notion of spending $10 for a pattern - on top of fabric, notions and the commitment of my time, plus a few needle sticks doesn't always seem like the best idea anyone ever had. When I add it all up, sometimes it just seems easier to wait until that dress is on sale.

I've ordered two patterns from McCalls/Butterick/Vouge before - two dresses. I've only made one so far - it's a little cotton number, loose fitting, easy to belt at the waist and throw on with tights. It's light weight, perfect for spring or fall and still something that I could be comfortable wearing to the office. The other dress is a cute little thing with an adorable bodice but it's cut is slightly more formal, and since I haven't had a great need for it, I haven't made it yet. (I'm trying to tackle the fabric in my drawers before I buy anything new.)

Anyway, today I opened my e-mail to find a 75% off a total order offer from the pattern company and, cheap as I am, I was naturally drawn to the sale. The fact is, I've been shopping for patterns since I bought the first few, I've just held off on buying because the price seems so prohibitive. (It seems that as soon as I open the pattern envelope, I find a garment that fits great at the store on sale for a few dollars that I can tear apart and use as a pattern or I land a free one online.) Today, I went crazy. I picked up nine patterns for &30 w/shipping. I can't say that I've picked a favorite yet. Though, I'm pretty sure B5217 is the most practical addition to my collection. Most of the shirts I tend to buy to wear to the office are a very simmilar shape to those - with embelishments and little adjustments that I can make myself. Sometimes I belt them, sometimes I dont - they're easy and forgiving to wear, and they still look nice enough for me to get away wtih it. (Though, to be honest, people in my office wear clothes that have paint stains on them all the time, so who am I kidding - as long as I throw a cardigan over a t-shirt these people are happy.) M5586 is very simmilar, but I bought it as well because this really is the kind of thing I wear all the time, so I know they'll both get used. I also picked up V1051, a pant pattern. I don't have a pant pattern and my life would certainly benefit from one. I grabbed V8553 which looks super cute for summer and M5703 which is a super cute little jumper that I love in an irrational way and am completely obessed with having even though I will probably look retarded in it. Oh, and of course V1086 which is slightly more grown up than the skull t-shirt I made this weekend and wore underneath my pink argyle polo...

because everyone needs a little dork in their life - and, yes, i so totally wore it with my nerd glasses and a little white cardigan. my grandma would be so proud...

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